Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bad Dog, Marley!

Yep, I am starting with a childrens book.

Bad Dog, Marley! by John Grogan

Illustrated by Richard Cowdrey

I really enjoyed reading this book to Amy. It gets read quite often, once a day at least and she doesn't show any sign of tiring from it.

Marley is a puppy, who grows and grows and grows. As he gets bigger, he makes bigger messes and gets into bigger trouble. It culmanates in Mummy saying that Marley has to be found a new home. After a series of events, Marley redeems himself and is accepted back into the family.

The text is large and bold, easy for parents to read, or for children who can sound out the words.

I adore the illusrations, Richard Cowdrey has done a brilliant job with them. Marley looks like a shaggy puppy, rather than a drawing.

I like the book and I would recommend it for adding to the childrens bookshelf. It does however, present a good case for training your puppy young, whilst making sure that he gets enough attention and stimulation.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

An Introduction

I have created this blog to help challenge myself to read and review a book at least every week.

I have a general blog over at Sleepless Nights, if you are interested in the doings of my daily life.

Also if you would like, I have an interest in proof-reading etc, so if you would like anything proof-read, or anything reviewed, give me a bell at

and we can work something out.